Cellar Sessions

Theatro Technis  March 2019

Kristoff, the suave Maitre D and our resident queen Cilla D'Or hosted an evening like no other. There was music, burlesque, comedy and clowning all accompanied by delicious wines from Private Cellar Ltd.
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Jack Tyson Charles is an enigma. Whether you've heard him featuring on Lack of Afro's hugely successful 2014 album, Music for Adverts, or his follow up 2016 debut E.P. 'Restoration', you're sure to have noticed the raw and individual quality of his voice. 'Best friend' is his first single in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist producer Danny Kane, signalling a new beginning and direction for this hugely talented singer. Released on Midnight Riot Records, with remixes from J Felix, QWestlife and Danny Kane himself . . . This one is sure to be filling up dance floors for years to come.

Savage Rose Burlesque

Savage Rose is THE suberversive showgirl! She teases your expectations and then rips them apart.

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Polly Clamorous


Four Wonderful & Wacky Cysters Singin’ it for Themselves. This hilarious comedy singing act will be sure to get a standing ovulation from you all. Performing songs from their show 'Lady and the Cramp'.

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The Wine Tasting that goes horribly wrong...

An informative, yet massively irreverent Wine Tasting, inspired by the inherent “theatricality” of Blind Wine Tasting. 

A ‘Lecture’ seemingly based on the ‘Science’ behind wine tasting, turns farcical and into a fully related Blind Wine Tasting Competition. 

Written by Award Winning West End Actor, David Bark-Jones, (who if the truth be known knows absolutely nothing about wine!), but a lot about ‘tasting’ it…


What could possibly go wrong?! 

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An Audience with

Yasmine Day


Failed 80's diva and noted pub singer Yasmine Day, boldly attempts to revive her flagging career with an extravaganza concert of 80's power ballads only slightly hampered by cheap karaoke tracks, over-ambitious costume-changes and her own grandiose sense of self.

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Lulu performs Broadway Classics brilliantly, and rather than simply stopping at Cabaret, we are fortunate that he includes a performance of one of his own compositions for solo violin which will leave the audience in tears of laughter.

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We were delighted to serve a collection of beautiful wines from our friends at Private Cellar. There were be 6 delectable wines  Order more for your own private cellar by clicking the wine bottle below.

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