6th July

Streatham Space Project

The Play


Our latest work in progress.

Created and directed by Skye Lourie and company .

Morgan, an ambitious journalist, sets out to create her documentary 'Finding Girl R.'

Girl R, who had been in imprisoned in a tower for her early life, apparently abused possibly tested on was rescued by renowned Doctor, P Charming. 

Through a series of interviews and investigative journalism, will Morgan find out the truth?

Finding Girl R is black comedy play that parodies our modern obsession with documentaries and explores it as a story-telling narrative.

Guest Acts:

Dani Sylvia, blue plaque house, blue plaque house theatre,

Dani Sylvia is a singer / songwriter who manages to capture how unreasonably awful it is sometimes to be who we are, without making you want to throw things at the radio. Her voice is a soulful and resonating sound of raw heartbreak, hope and ‘generation now’. She is a poignant artist of true individualism and awkward realism that everyone can relate to. Dani won 'Best Songwriter' at The Unsigned Music Awards 2016 and has since been 'Featured Artist' on 'BBC Introducing London' and with her debut single 'Omniscient', which was also 'Track of the Week' on BBC Sussex/Surrey. The single then received spins on radio 2 by Alex Lester. She toured the UK supporting 'The Feeling' with her debut EP 'Monologues' and has also worked with artists such as Paloma Faith, Pixie Lott, Sigma and Labrinth with Urban Voices Collective.

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Polly Clamorous present HERSTORY'

This show chronicles the tales of some of the most enigmatic and misunderstood women throughout history. Get up close and personal as they name, shame and reclaim their stories in the books that have notoriously begrudged them of any space.

Travel through ages and cultures to meet popular and unknown women (from Lilith, Adam’s first wife who refused to ‘lie under him’, to Freddie Oversteegen, a teenager who resisted the Nazis with a bicycle and a pistol), as they sing their sullen and sultry songs.

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polly clamorous, blue plaque house, blue plaque house theatre


Freya Mavor

Glove Girl

freya mavor, blue plaque house, blue plaque house theatre,

‘Glove Girl’ is a twisted tale about a young woman who has given up on her life, her sanity and on society itself. She’s been driven to a state of madness and turned her back on the world. The tale follows Glove Girl as she journeys into a forest in a desperate search for answers. Her encounter with ‘The Enchantress’ - a sort of shamanic creature - will change not just her life, but the fabric of life itself, forevermore.

Freya is a performer, creator and writer currently based in London. Her life and career have been split between France and the UK where she speaks and works in both languages. This year will see the release of an Arte/Netflix mini-series ‘Once Upon a Second Time’ (out end of August) and an HBO series she commences filming this summer.  Alongside acting, Freya writes poetry and prose, puts on New Performance nights in London (next event ‘The Meeting Point’ set for 4th August at Candid Arts Centre) and directs her own artistic projects.

Ruairi McInerney is an up and coming Irish comedian and FINALIST in 'So you think you're funny' Edinburgh this year.


His Bedroom Sessions set unpicks the little decisions we make and the knock-on effects, is it nature over nurture? here for a good time not a long time? and is it that bad to lie? 


Sam 'Rixy' Rix

sam rixy rix, sam rix, blue plaque house, blue plaque house theatre

Sam 'Rixy' Rix is an actor, storyteller, voice-artist and writer. He is a founding member of The Embers Collective, a storytelling and live music group that adapt ancient tales for modern audiences. 'The Piskies' is based on folk-tales about the little people from the South-West. He performs regularly as the comedy character, Jim Clapp and is developing a one man show, Jim Clapp: Magnum Opus for this years Camden Fringe.

The Embers


Lisa Klevemark, though Swedish, Lutheran and very boring, went to renowned clown school Ecole Philippe Gaulier in France. It did not make her feistier and more expressive as she’d hoped, but she found the funny side of being on time, following the rules, and not spending money unnecessarily. So strap in (safety is very important) for some comedy that is a little bit too close to home to be labelled character comedy.

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lisa klevemark, blue plaque house, blue plaque house theatre