The House

The Blue Plaque House was founded in 2018 by April Robinson, Skye Lourie and Róisín Kelly



We are first and foremost a theatre and production company. But we are very much a collaborative house, A house of story-telling. We work with a huge variety of performers in different mediums, experimenting with New writing Focus mainly on new writing and unusual story telling.


House Sessions happen every season. These are what we're known for. These Shows are a unique take on a variety performance. Each Session is based in a room of the house, with a collection of performers united under that theme. Comedians, musicians, poets, theatre makers are all welcome in the house. a new writing piece of theatre weaves through all the guest performances. Broken up into chapters and with exciting entertainment in between, it's a whole new way to watch theatre.


Next Session in October. Details soon. x

The Landladies





Graeme Dalling
Dani Sylvia
David Bark Jones
Aynoa Alvarez
Ruairi McInerney
Will Rogers
Harry Lister Smith
Polly Clamorous
Bertie Taylor Smith
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Garry Starr
Chris Larkin
Oliver Hoare
Yasmine Day
Wesley Griffith
Taika the housecat
Savage Rose
Liza Keast
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